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Capital Projects & Plans
Financing Options for Sanitary Sewer Work
On August 12, 2014, the Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance 2014-684  to provide $5,580,000 in financing for street lighting upgrades and sanitary sewer work. 

At the Work Session on June 3, 2014, Township staff presented updated financial numbers and a recommended rate structure for sanitary sewer customers. In order to fund a borrowing of $5,580,000 the Township would be required to raise sanitary sewer rates to provide for the increased debt service.

To view the presentation, please click here

West Norriton Township's financial advisor, Concord Public Financial Advisors, provided an overview of the township's current debt service obligations and a plan of finance for sewer system capital improvements at the May 6, 2014 Work Session

The presentation was broken down into two sections:
  • LED Streetlight Energy Savings Project and Project Savings Analysis
  • Sewer System Capital Improvements Plan of Finance

To view the presentation, please click here

Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Plan

On October 9, 2012, the Board of Commissioners approved Rettew Project No. 057702004 to develop a comprehensive sanitary sewer plan to include the following:
  • Inflow and infiltration (I&I) abatement program based on an eight (8) year schedule for the remediation of I&I into the sanitary sewer system;
  • Upgrading and rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer system to handle all current and future flows;
  • Upgrading and rehabilitation to the existing pumping stations.

Rettew has prepared the rehabilitation plans utilizing current Chapter 94 flow data and flow data from the flow meters installed within the sanitary sewer system.

To view the completed Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Plan, click here

To view the presentation from the March 11, 2014 Board of Commissioners Meeting regarding the Inflow & Infiltration Study and the Rittenhouse Pump Station, click here

Rittenhouse Pump Station Reconstruction


The existing station was built in the mid 1960’s as part of the original sanitary sewer system expansion and is comprised of (3) 75 hp pumps, each capable of pumping 1,750 gpm, with controls, emergency generator and miscellaneous equipment . 

The pump station was upgraded in 1983 with enlarged pumps rated at 200 hp, each capable of pumping 2,700 gpm. The pump station is a wet pit/dry pit design with a concrete dry pit. 
The expansion was done in 1983 by constructing an additional generator room to the southwest corner of the pump station. The station is approximately 40 feet below grade (ground Level). 

The pumps are run by flow paced unit called a flow matcher. The flow matcher senses rate of flow and turns pumps on/off automatically. The pumps are in the lowest level of the station and the electrical motors on the highest level. A shaft runs the full depth of the station to run the pumps. 

Other equipment in the station is a comminuter, which is a grinder which chops large pieces of waste and debris into pieces (normally 3 inches or less). 

On March 8th & 15th, 2014, the Township staff and Sewer Engineer conducted an open house for the purpose of providing the residents with an overview of the operation of the Rittenhouse Pump Station. To view the photo gallery provided by resident Phil Milazzo, click here 

New Pump Station
The existing permit is for a peak flow of 6.65 mgd. 
  • The pump station handles an average daily of 2.0 mgd. Currently the pumping station is handling by-pass flow from the Jackson Street drainage basin to Rittenhouse Pump Station.
  •  The rate of flow varies day to day hour to hour but approximately 75% of flow which normally flows (between 0.50 mgd to 0.75 mgd) to Norristown Municipal Waste Authority’s plant is diverted to this pump station.

During wet weather (rains, snow melt, etc.) our current DEP permit is exceeded by up to 2 mgd.
  • The proposed pump station will be permitted to allow for these increased flows and prevent a flow violation. Flows will not be increased on a normal day.

 The flows given to DEP for the new permit are actual average flows from our current Chapter 94 plan.

Process for New Pump Station
Identified for replacement in FY 2006, along with Whitehall Road Pump Station  
  • Permit to build Whitehall Road Pump Station was secured in 2010
  • Placed on hold pending financing 

Rettew Project #08-05770-008 was approved in FY 2008 for the design of the new Rittenhouse Pump Station
  • Design completed in late FY 2009
  • Ordinance 10-659 passed on 11/9/10 approving $9.7 million for capital improvements
    • Refinanced existing debt and borrowed for new projects
    • Money allocated for Rittenhouse Pump Station