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2017 Hiring Process & Testing Results
Civil Service Examination
Police Badge
Police Officer

Application forms are available at the Police Department, 1630 W. Marshall Street, Jeffersonville, Pa., between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. weekdays from Monday July 24, 2017 until Friday August 11, 2017. 

Application Form

Completed applications must be filed in person with the Police Department, during regular business hours, weekdays between 9:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. by Friday, August 11, 2017.  Applicants must follow all instructions listed in the application packet. Completed applications which do not include all attachments requested will not be accepted.

There will be a fee of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per applicant.  This payment which is non-refundable, must be either by check or money order, made payable to West Norriton Township.  No cash will be accepted.  The fee must be presented at the same time the completed application is filed.  Any check presented to West Norriton Township and subsequently found to be invalid for any reason (i.e., insufficient funds, closed account, etc.), will disqualify the applicant from proceeding further in the testing procedure.

Upon acceptance of the completed application by the Police Department, the applicant will be eligible to start the testing procedures.  A study guide will be provided by West Norriton Township.

The written and physical agility tests will be held Saturday August 12, 2017, beginning at 9:00 A.M.  When the completed application is returned, the applicant will be given information regarding reporting time and location of the tests.  The criteria for the physical agility test requirements are provided to the applicant with the application.  The written test will be given first.  Upon completion of the written test applicants will proceed to the physical agility test.  The agility test is pass/fail.  Applicants should wear clothing appropriate for the physical agility test to the written test.  

The Rules and Regulations of the Civil Service Commission establish the following eligibility requirements:

Citizen of the United States 
Twenty-one (21) years of age or older
High School diploma or equivalent
Pennsylvania Act 120 Certification by date of hire
Current valid Pennsylvania Operator’s License by date of hire

The Civil Service Commission reserves the right to reject any applications deemed not to be in the best interests of West Norriton Township.

   An Equal Opportunity Employer
Minorities Are Encouraged To Apply

Physical Agility Test
An applicant for the position of police officer must successfully complete the physical agility test which is utilized by the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC), which consists of a 300 meter run, a bench press, sit ups and a 1.5 mile run.  Each of the above components is graded on a pass/fail basis, and in order to pass each component, an applicant must score in the 30th percentile, as calculated by MPOETC based upon age and sex-specific criteria promulgated by MPOETC.

Applicants who have not released West Norriton Township, its employees, and the Civil Service Commission from liability by completing the personal injury waiver are not permitted to take the agility test.

Written Test Results
**Results of the written test will be posted here**

**Reminder - Test results are listed by Applicant Identification Number**

West Norriton Township Police Department

Written Score Sheet

*Applicants are required to pass all four sections of the written test with 70% or better. Failure in any section resulted in an overall failure.  Failure in the physical agility test also constitutes as an overall failure and is noted as “PA” next to the written score.    

Applicant Number                              Applicant Written Score

              35                                                         98%

    21                                                         98%

20                                                         95%

05                                                         93%

31                                                         93%

24                                                         93%

26                                                         93%

30                                                         92%

33                                                         89%

11                                                         89%

17                                                         88%

23                                                         88%

06                                                         87%

29                                                         86%

01                                                         85% (PA)

04                                                         85%

16                                                         85%

07                                                         83%

15                                                         83%

19                                                         83%

34                                                         82%

27                                                         81%

28                                                         Fail

25                                                         Fail

03                                                         Fail

09                                                         Fail

10                                                         Fail

32                                                         Fail

08                                                         Fail

22                                                         Fail

12                                                         Fail

13                                                         Fail(PA)

                                                    14                                                         Fail