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Early Intervention Program & Report


Early Intervention Program

The Governor’s Center for Local Government Services offers the Early Intervention Program (EIP) to provide guidance for
municipalities interested in an improved fiscal position. Financial assistance is available for the development and
implementation of multiyear financial management plans. The goal of the EIP is to promote management best practices
to promote the financial stability of municipalities and ultimately avert fiscal distress.

The Early Intervention Program will provide financial assistance to local governments to develop and implement multi-year financial management, administrative, service delivery and economic development programs and strategies. The objectives of the program are to:

  1. Engage in an assessment of managerial policies, procedures and practices relative to operations and service delivery and provide recommendations to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of financial and human resources. 
  2. Provide the resources to assist local governments to identify, prioritize and address financial difficulties by implementing short- and long-term goals and objectives. 
  3. Strengthen the managerial and administrative capacity within local governments to develop, adopt, monitor and implement Multi-Year Financial Management Plans and incorporate this process into their annual budget process.
  4. Engage in related management studies and operational improvements that will enhance financial administration and management of the local government.
  5. Implement a system of multi-year revenue and expenditure financial trend analysis, monitoring and forecasting so that local governments can anticipate and plan for future financial circumstances. 
  6. Support the adoption of best management practices and efficiency measures to increase municipal financial stability.
  7. Promote multi-municipal and regional cooperation strategies and cost-sharing opportunities between two or more local governments. 
  8. Further the integration of sound community and economic development strategies to encourage the economic growth of a local government’s tax base over a multi-year period. 
Early Intervention Program Guidelines

EIP Report and Recommendations
The objective as stated in the Township’s Request for Proposals was to “establish short and long-term management objectives as well as short and long-term financial objectives to strengthen the internal management structures of the Township, improve the Township’s ability to provide necessary services, improve the Township’s ability to increase non-tax revenues and ensure the long-term fiscal health of the Township through better management, cost-containment and economic growth. The Pennsylvania Economy League was selected to complete the report.