PA American Water Proposed Rate Increase

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Board of Commissioners Oppose Proposed Rate Increase

On Tuesday, June 9th the Board of Commissioners voted to formally opposed the requested rate increases sought by PA American Water. 

The letter outlining the Board’s opposition is listed here:West Norriton Township Letter Opposing Rate Increase

What Can You Do?

There are three ways you can challenge Pennsylvania American Water’s request:

  • Send a letter to the PUC. You can tell the PUC why you object to the requested rate increase  in your  letter.  You can also tell the PUC about any other concerns you have about the company. This information can be helpful when the PUC investigates the rate request. Send your letter to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Post Office Box 3265 ,Harrisburg, PA 17105          
  • Attend or present testimony at a PUC public input hearing. You can attend or be a witness at a PUC public hearing. The PUC holds public input hearings if it opens an investigation of Pennsylvania American Water ’s rate request and if there is enough interest in the case. At these hearings, you can present your views to the PUC judge and to company representatives . Testimony under oath becomes part of the rate case record. The PUC holds these hearings in the service area of the company. For more information , call the PUC at 1-800-692-7380.
  • File a formal complaint. If you want to be a party to the case, you must file a formal complaint. You then have an opportunity to take part in all the hearings about the rate increase request. You can receive copies of all materials distributed by the other parties. Formal complaints should be filed with the PUC before June 28, 2020. If no one files a formal complaint, the Commission may grant all, some or none of the request without holding a hearing before a PUC judge. You can request a formal complaint form by writing to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Post Office Box 3265 , Harrisburg, PA 17105-3265, or by going to its website at