Application and Plans for 48 Potts Avenue

Application and Plans submitted by Anthony Branca for the property located at 48 Potts Avenue.
  • Proposed construction of a single-family dwelling unit on a vacant lot with a detached accessory garage behind the new dwelling.

Instructions for Public Participation and Entry of Appearance As a Party

The West Norriton Township Zoning Hearing Board meeting on Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 7:00 PM will be conducted via Zoom video/audio conferencing.  All members of the Board, staff and public will participate remotely.  The public may join this hearing by either telephone using the dial in number or entering the URL on an internet browser.  

Zoning Hearing Board Notice No. 899

The applicant, owner of the property, proposes to construct a house and garage on an undersized lot and requests the following relief from the Zoning Ordinance:

1. A variance from Section 27-1402.1 to permit construction of the house on an undersized lot without complying with the applicable side yard setbacks.
2. A variance from Section 27-402.1 to permit construction of the house on a lot measuring 12,500 square feet with a lot width of 50 feet, rather than the 30,000 square feet and a lot width of 150 feet required.
3. A variance from Section 27-402.4(A) to permit a side yard of 8 feet, rather than the 12 feet required, and an aggregate side yard of 20 feet, rather than the 30 feet required.


Legal Advertisement for Hearing No. 899