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Posted on: June 21, 2023

Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Grant Program


Program Manual and Application

The Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program will increase access of low-income homeowners to rehabilitation funds to provide safe and decent housing. The program will focus on critical systems of the home including the heating, plumbing and electrical systems and repairs or replacements to maintain the housing structure. 

West Norriton Township will be the primary intake contact for the program and be the fiscal conduit for applicants. 

 Low- or moderate-income households and communities are those with (i) income at or below 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for the size of the household based on the most recently published poverty guidelines or (ii) income at or below 65 percent of the area median income for the county and size of household based on the most recently published data. For the vast majority of communities, the Federal Poverty Guidelines are higher than the area’s median income and using the Federal Poverty Guidelines would result in more households and communities being presumed eligible. Treasury has provided an easy-to-use spreadsheet with Federal Poverty Guidelines and area median income levels on its website. Recipients can measure income for a specific household or the median income for the community, depending on whether the response they plan to provide serves specific households or the general community. 

 The income thresholds vary by household size; recipients should generally use income thresholds for the appropriate household size but can use a default household size of three when easier for administration or when measuring income for a general community. 

 The income limit for 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for a household of three is $74,580 per year (FY 2023). In other words, recipients can always presume that a household earning below this level, or a community with median income below this level, is impacted by the pandemic and eligible for services to respond. Additionally, by following the steps detailed in the section Framework for Eligible Uses Beyond Those Enumerated, recipients may designate additional households as impacted or disproportionately impacted beyond these presumptions and may also pursue projects not listed below in response to these impacts consistent with Treasury’s standards.


Your household income must be less than the following limits including all salary, pensions, social security, and interest on assets. For this purpose, income means annual income as defined under the HUD Section 8, Housing Assistance Payments Program at 24 CFR 5.609 

 Family Size












































































 You must own and occupy a single-family home in West Norriton, with residency of 10 years or more. (No rental properties applicable under this program.)

 The property must be in compliance with all Zoning, Property Maintenance and Building Codes. Properties that have violations, evidenced by notice of violation letters, citations or pending litigation with the Township will not be eligible.

 If the property does not meet the 10-year residency or property violation requirements in criteria listed, a final determination will be made by the Township Manager to waive these requirements when presented with a hardship case.  

Program Information
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