Residential Use & Occupancy

Properties Not Owner-Occupied

On December 11, 2007, the Board of Commissioners passed Resolution 07-1448, adopting a rental license fee. This fee pertains to all properties that are not owner-occupied and are located within West Norriton Township. The fee is listed with the fee schedule (PDF) under Resolution 06-1429.

All rental units must be reported to the township office and are required to be inspected. The applications are required to be paid by March 31 of that year. If not paid by March 31 then the fee is doubled.

Use & Occupancy Inspections

Use and occupancy inspections are required prior to resale of residential homes. The requirements are as follows.

  • Smoke detectors must be installed on each floor level and in every bedroom.
  • All bathrooms, powder rooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and all counter top areas must have ground fault receptacles installed. All electrical work must be done by a West Norriton Township licensed electrician and a permit is required.
  • All gas ranges shall be supplied with shut-off valves installed behind the range.
  • A fire extinguisher equipped with a hose and nozzle (and of a 3A40BC rating) must be supplied for the dwelling.
  • A certificate of inspection shall be provided for the heating unit in the structure.
  • The plumbing system for the structure shall be in good working order.
  • Any and all sump pumps shall comply with all township ordinances and requirements.
  • All properties must be supplied with 4-inch numbers outside the property in clear view of the street, permanently mounted on the mailbox and building.
  • The structure shall be in clean, safe, and sanitary condition.
  • Hot water heater / boiler relief valve drains must be of a 3/4-inch pipe and extend 4 to 8 inches from floor level.
  • The property or structure shall comply with all other ordinances, rules, and regulations of West Norriton Township.

Application for Residential Use & Occupancy Certificate

All use and occupancy requests, along with the $150 fee, must be sent to the township (at the address on the application) at least one month prior to settlement. Upon receipt of the request, notification of an inspection date and time will be sent to the realtor / homeowner.

Please download the Application for Residential Use and Occupancy Certificate (PDF).