Park Rules & Regulations


  • Parks are open from dawn to dusk. With the exception of Township approved programs, events or activities.  
  • Organized play on park ball fields or courts is allowable by permit only.  
  • Township sponsored activities and events will take precedence over all free play.  

 The following are prohibited on park grounds:

  • Loitering. 
  • Smoking, vaping, tobacco use, intoxicating liquors, illegal drugs or gambling of any kind.
  •  Pets. Except guide or service animals. 
  • Use of fireworks of any kind.  
  • Dumping rubbish or any other material. 
  • Glass containers of any kind. 
  • Making of campfires, or cooking outside of designated areas or with equipment not specifically designed for this purpose. 
  • Disturbing of nests or harming of wildlife in any manner including trapping, snaring or hunting in a manner which violates the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Regulations regarding licensing or seasons. 
  • The use of threatening, abusive, insulting or indecent language, or obscene or indecent behavior. 
  • Driving or riding a vehicle, bicycle, skateboard, or scooter on roads or trails not intended for that purpose, without permission of the park authorities. 
  • Testing or repairing any automobile, giving driving lessons, car washing or parking of cars after dark are all prohibited. Vehicles and bicycles are to be parked in, and restricted to, designated areas during park hours of operation. 
  • Erecting, painting, pasting or otherwise affixing or distributing any signage, advertisements or circulars, or installing any equipment. 
  • Commercial sales or commercial personal services, including teaching, training and coaching without prior approval from the Township. 
  • Use of generators and equipment requiring voltage other than 110 volts, including amusement structures and inflatable bounces, without written approval of the Township.
  • Defacing, destroying or vandalizing park property or altering any existing facilities in any matter, including cutting, breaking or otherwise injuring or defacing any trees, shrubs, plants or turf. 

 Allowable devices and noise limitations. 

  • Except for Township-sponsored concert events, the only music-playing devices which shall be allowed in parks shall be common, personal-sized radios/music players, or other devices designed for the enjoyment of individuals or small groups. 
  • Music devices shall not be so loud as to be heard beyond a thirty-foot radius: nor shall they create excessive bass vibration to disturb park users or residents adjacent to the park.

 Hours of operation - Dawn to Dusk 

Permits and Requests for Exceptions.  Any group or visitor desiring exclusive use of a park or portion of a park, or who by virtue of the large size of the group might diminish the opportunity for the full enjoyment of the park or portion of the park by others, must apply to the Township for a permit.

Anyone in violation of the rules and regulations above, shall be subject to arrest and prosecution.


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