Capital Projects

During the Work Session of April 5, 2016 , Township staff began the initial conversation regarding a potential borrowing of $2 million dollars to fund facility renovations at the Jeffersonville Golf Club. The facility renovations are based on the 2009 Master Site Concept Plans developed by McCloskey & Faber P.C.

At the Work Session of June 7, 2016, Township staff and Concord Public Finance provided a more in depth review of the proposed facility improvements, justification of need and borrowing scenario for consideration by the Board of Commissioners.

View the presentation of June 7, 2016

MP-3 Concept Master Plan

West Norriton Township engaged the services of The Knabb Partnership to perform a revised master site plan and design services for the proposed new banquet, pro shop and maintenance facility. Based on their review and recommendations, the firm provided a preliminary design based on the current and future needs of Jeffersonville Golf Club.

Review the Preliminary Design (PDF).

The components of the preliminary design consist of:

  • Pro Shop and Banquet Facility in a combined building located between the 1st Hole and 18th Hole.
  • Relocated Maintenance and Storage Facility to the area located behind the green of the 1st Hole.
  • Realigned driveway entrance with an enhanced area for golf lessons by our staff.

The next steps would be to finalized the plans for the design and construction estimated for the proposed buildings.