Seasonal Services

Leaf Collection

Leaf collection occurs October through the second week of December. Due to weather conditions, the dates may vary.

Leaf Collection Guidelines

  1. Curbside leaf piles are to be 12 inches high and 18 inches wide.
  2. Do not mix limbs, brush, and other debris with leaf piles, as such items may cause damage to collection equipment and injury to township personnel.
  3. Adverse weather conditions may cause delays.
  4. Township employees and/or equipment are not permitted to enter private property to remove leaves.
  5. Once the leaf machine has passed it will not return until items on every street in the township has been collected.
  6. If your residence is located on the corner of the street, please place the leaves to be picked up at least 25 feet from the intersection.
  7. If you live on a private street in the township we will pick up your leaves, but they must be bagged. Since most of the private streets in the township have narrow widths, we cannot take the leaf machines down those roadways and safely turn the machine around. Once you have the leaves bagged, please call the township office at 610-631-0450 and schedule the pickup.

Tree Branch Collection

Collection will take place starting on the third Monday of each month April through September. Branches shall be placed at the curbside for pickup on the third Monday of each month by 8 a.m. Only Branches and Tree limbs are permitted. Tree stumps, sticks, weeds, grass, any vine related species and leaves are listed as non-chippable materials and will Not be taken. Tree limbs must not be in plastic bags or tied. Once the Truck passes and clears the street it will not return until the following month for pick-up. Tree limbs must be stacked curbside with the butt ends facing the street. The month's of February and March will be used as demanded. ****All of these rules will be strictly enforced ****


  • Individual branches or limbs - up to 6 inches in diameter
  • Total collection per household limited to 2 cubic yards
  • Improperly prepared materials or materials deemed not chippable will not be collected, including large piles 

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas Tree collection will take place the month of January thru the first week of February Weather permitting. Christmas trees must be placed curbside and must be free of any ornaments and lights. Only Christmas trees will be collected during this collection period.


Items Collected

  • Tree limbs or Branches 6 inches or less in diameter

Items Not Collected

  • Bundles with thorns, poison ivy or oak, wire, metal, or concrete stones
  • Grass clippings
  • Landscape timbers
  • Logs or firewood
  • Materials cut by contracted services
  • Ornamental grass, sticks or vine like material
  • Piles of clippings
  • Plantings with roots and dirt
  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Railroad ties
  • Tree limbs with nails, wire, metal or cement

The above items are to be taken by your Trash Hauler, they have been instructed by the Township to furnish two dates that these items will be collected. Once the Township receives these dates from the haulers we will list them. The materials need to be placed in Biodegradable Bags for pickup.

  • White Tail Disposal
  • Advanced Disposal
  • Allied Waste Services
  • J.P. Mascaro and Son
  • Waste Management