Snow Removal

Please help us to help you have a safe and pleasant winter season.

Parking Restrictions

Please be reminded that parking restrictions will go into effect during any snow storm when a snow emergency has been declared. Snow emergencies are declared when 3 or more inches of snow are predicted. These restrictions are enforced on all snow emergency routes within the township boundaries. These restrictions were adopted by the Board of Commissioners under ordinance Number 524, which prohibits vehicle parking during the snow emergency on any designated snow emergency route.

Parking in cul-de-sacs is another problem that has caused serious delays for emergency vehicles. Vehicle parking in cul-de-sacs is not permitted at any time during the duration of the snow emergency declaration.

Ordinance Number 524

When a snow emergency has been declared throughout the township, it shall be unlawful to park any vehicle on any street that is designated a snow emergency route until the snow has been completely plowed for the full width of the cart way.

Snow Clearing Restrictions

Residents are reminded not to throw snow from your sidewalks and driveways onto the roads. Throwing snow onto a roadway or township right of way is a violation of township ordinance and punishable with up to a $600 fine. Your cooperation is vital to keep snow and debris off the roadway and allow emergency vehicles to get to the emergency locations.


Please check your mailbox to make sure it is sound and at least 6 inches behind the face of the curb. Mailboxes that hang out past the curb might be damaged during snow plowing operations.

Fire Hydrants

West Norriton Township and the Jefferson Fire Company also request that all fire hydrants that are located in front of your home be cleared of snow.