Road Work

Road Work

Each year the Director of Public Works presents to the Board of Commissioners of West Norriton Township the proposed Street Restoration Program for consideration. After the proposed Street Restoration Program is approved by the Board of Commissioners, the Township will post on the website a list of the affected streets along with a timeline for the work.

Please be advised that during the Milling and Paving Operation the street will be closed to all traffic except for emergency situations. During the paving operation, it will be necessary to park your car on a side street, as no traffic will be allowed in or out on the street during the actual work. This is necessary since the blacktop cannot be driven on until it has cooled. Also since the blacktop will be at temperatures over 250 degrees it is highly recommended that you keep your children and pets away from the paved area. Any contact with the hot material will result in serious burns. The Township requests your patience and cooperation during the paving operation. All streets to be overlaid will be posted (NO PARKING) the day before the milling and paving operation. This should allow you ample time to adjust your parking schedule accordingly.


It is also the responsibility of the individual property owner to remove buildup of any vegetation that may be growing between the curb and street. Further, each property owner should check their mailbox to make sure that it does not protrude past the backside of the curb. Any mailbox protruding past the backside of the curb is considered an illegal one and should be removed and placed in the proper area. This will ensure that the mailbox will not be damaged during the paving operation. You should arrange to have this work done prior to the paving of your street. Any improperly installed mailbox which is damaged during paving will not be replaced by the Township.

Driveway Ramps

Finally, all driveway ramps which protrude out into the street beyond the curbing will be removed during the milling process. These ramps will not be replaced by the Township during the paving process and should not be replaced by the property owner after the street has been paved because of the safety hazard which they create. In addition, if your street is milled prior to paving, the road will be repaved back to its original height on the curbing.

Each year, the Restoration Project's schedule is posted on the website prior to the beginning of the project. In addition, the Township notifies each homeowner with a more definite starting date for each road being paved. If you have any question, please feel free to contact the Public Works Department at (610) 631-0450. Thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter