Real Estate & Local Taxes

Bill Mailings

Twice per year, real estate tax bills are sent to all property owners of record in West Norriton Township. The first mailing is for township and county real estate taxes. The second mailing is for school real estate taxes. State regulations require that all tax payments be made no later than December 31 of each year.

Interim Tax Bills

Interim tax bills are for new construction and improvements made to your property. They are mailed periodically during the year.

The amount of tax due for interim bills is based upon an additional assessment provided by the Montgomery County Board of Assessment Appeals on a monthly basis. If you feel the assessment is too high, you may contact the Board of Assessment by calling 610-278-3761. They are located at:
Montgomery County Courthouse
One Montgomery Plaza
Suite 301
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404-0311

Important Notices

Please remember to keep a copy of your tax bill for income tax purposes. Also, you can compare your copy of the tax bill with your mortgage company escrow statement to verify that your mortgage company paid the correct amount.

Billing Dates 

Mailing Group
Billing Date
Municipal (County and Township) On or About March 1
School District
On or About July 1

Milling Rates 

Entity Type
 Milling Rate
County (FY 2023 4.313
Township (FY 2023) 4.475
School District (FY 2022/2023) 39.204
Total 47.992

Local Earned Income Tax

Berkheimer Associates handles the collection of this tax for West Norriton Township. Any questions regarding the collection of this tax should be directed to Berkheimer at 1-866-701-7206