The township manager serves as the chief administrative officer of the township, which includes the role of township secretary. The manager is responsible for implementing the policies, resolutions, and ordinances adopted by the governing body of the township, which is the Board of Commissioners. The manager is responsible for preparing the annual budget and its implementation following approval by the Board of Supervisors. The manager is responsible for all township staff, departments, and activities. The township manager reports to the Board of Commissioners.


The township manager is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and is authorized by the Pennsylvania First Class Township Code and any subsequent ordinances that may be developed and approved by the Board of Commissioners.

Nonjudicial Powers & Administrative Duties

In West Norriton Township, the Board of Commissioners has delegated many of its non-legislative and nonjudicial powers and administrative duties to the township manager-secretary, which are outlined in the Township Code of Ordinances. The secretary's functions and duties that support the Board of Commissioners are outlined in the Pennsylvania First Class Township Code.

LGBTQ Liaison

An LGBTQ liaison is responsible for looking at policies and services through an LGBTQ lens and speaking up when a policy or service might exclude LGBTQ people. This position is also known to be a friendly ear to constituents who want to bring LGBTQ-related issues to the city government but are fearful they might be dismissed or misunderstood.