Ready for 100 Initiative

Mission Statement

We envision healthy, thriving communities across the United States, powered by affordable, community-based, and 100% clean, renewable sources of energy; where our energy system is predicated on racial, economic and environmental justice; where a thriving workforce has access to secure, safe and sustainable jobs; and where there is democratic accountability to ensure that the energy industry is fair, just and aligned with the public interest.

Sierra Club - Ready for 100


Villanova RISE Forum

The Resilient Innovation through Sustainable Engineering (RISE) Forum is the corporate consortium of Villanova University’s graduate program in Sustainable Engineering.

RISE is the only leadership forum dedicated to advancing the field of corporate sustainability through the discipline of engineering. Our mission is to accelerate the identification and application of data-driven solutions that will help our members increase the sustainability of their respective organizations. Our goal is to help executives apply the principles of sustainable engineering to secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace by reducing costs, managing risk, fueling growth and enhancing reputation.

RISE is both action-oriented—teaching companies how to apply innovative solutions—and rigorous—quantifying the risks and opportunities associated with a given solution. In short, we use the science of sustainable engineering to drive resilient innovation across the value chain.

Villanova RISE Forum

West Norriton Ready for 100 Analysis


Presentation by Villanova RISE Project Team on Ready for 100 Initiative (PDF)

White Paper by Villanova RISE Project Team

This paper outlines the work that our group achieved through the Resilient Innovation Sustainable Engineering (RISE) forum in partnership with West Norriton Township (WN). The scope was to establish a baseline of the township’s energy usage to assist in their transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050, aligned with the Sierra Club Ready for 100 (RF 100) initiative.

White Paper by Villanova RISE Project Team