Traffic Safety Unit


The Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) was formed for the purpose of coordinating all matters dealing with vehicular traffic and its subsequent impact upon the township. Duties include the investigation of serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes. It is also responsible for the removal of abandoned vehicles from township streets. TSU performs all traffic surveys for the township in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the Pennsylvania Code of Transportation Title 67. Officers perform targeted enforcement of traffic laws throughout the township.

Speed Awareness Trailer

The TSU maintains and deploys a Speed Awareness Trailer. This trailer is placed in residential neighborhoods with speeding complaints.


The Traffic Safety Unit participates in several statewide programs. They include Buckle Up PA and Aggressive Driving. The TSU administers the Valley Forge Area DUI Enforcement Team with nine other central Montgomery County police departments.


Residents with a traffic related complaint can call the police station at 610-630-1701, ext. 319 for the Traffic Safety Unit. Please leave your message with a contact name and phone number, plus the problem location and the time frame during which it occurred.