Open Records Policy


Public records will be available for inspection and copying at the West Norriton Township Police Department during normal business hours with the exception of holidays. 

Requests shall be in writing and directed to the Chief of Police at the West Norriton Township Police Department at 1630 W. Marshall St. Jeffersonville, PA 19403.  Written requests shall include the date of the request, the name and address of the requester and a clear description of the records sought.  There shall be no limitations on the number of records requested and there shall be no requirement to disclose the purpose for the request.


Copies - $0.25 per page
Certification of a Record - $1 per record
Specialized Documents (blue prints etc.) – Actual Cost
Facsimile/Microfiche/Other Media – Actual Cost
Accident Reports - $15   (A full report of the police investigation of any vehicle accident shall be furnished to any person involved in the accident, his attorney or insurer, and to the Federal Government, branches of the military service, Commonwealth agencies, and to officials of political subdivisions and to agencies of other states and nations and their political subdivisions.)


Police Department employees shall cooperate with those requesting records to review and/or duplicate original Police Department documents while taking reasonable measures to protect Police Department documents from the possibility of theft and/or modification. 

All personal information, such as dates of birth and/or social security numbers from all persons mentioned in any records shall be redacted by the Police Department to help eliminate the possibility of identity theft.

The Chief of Police shall review all written requests for access to public records.  As soon as possible, but no later that five business days after receiving a written request to access public records, the Chief of Police shall respond to all such requests in a manner consistent with Act 100 of 2002, the Open Records Law. 

Appeal Process

If a written request is denied or deemed denied, the requester may file an appeal within fifteen (15) business days of the mailing date of the response or within15 business days of a deemed denial with the:

Appeal OfficerCommonwealth of Pennsylvania
Montgomery County District Attorney's OfficeOffice of Open Records
P.O. Box 311Commonwealth Keystone Building
Norristown, PA 19404400 North Street, 4th Floor
(610) 278-3090Harrisburg, PA 17120-0025 (717) 346-5343 
  1. Michael Kelly

    Chief of Police

  2. Physical Address
    1630 W Marshall Street
    West Norriton, PA 19403

    Fax: 610-630-1714