What to do if You Have a Problem

  1. If your drain doesn't work, check to see if it's one drain or the whole house
  2. If it's just one drain, unstop it yourself or call a plumber
  3. If the entire house is affected, check to see if you have a clean-out at the property line
  4. If so, call township office at 610-631-0450 and a township crew will respond
  5. If you do not have a clean-out, check with your next door neighbors to determine if they are experiencing a problem
  6. The township will respond and check the main line if we receive calls from multiple customer locations on the same main reporting loss of service
  7. If you don't have a clean-out at the property line and the neighbors don't seem to have a problem or if you can't contact them, call a plumber
  8. If the plumber determines that the problem is in the vicinity of the property line, or on township property, the plumber should call the township office and a crew will be sent
  9. The city can only assist the homeowner with compensation for a portion of the plumber bill if the plumber calls the township
  10. Simply writing that the problem appears to have been on the city's property is not sufficient for us to authorize compensation
  11. Plumbers must be certified and licensed