Operating Rules for Plumbers

The township wishes to maintain a mutually beneficial working relationship with the licensed, professional plumbers operating within township boundaries and service areas. The township's Wastewater Collection System's maintenance personnel perform work on township property only. All work to be done on private property is to be through the efforts of a licensed, professional plumber.

Monitoring Waste Water

The township understands the vital role that the professional plumber plays. Working in cooperation, we can better monitor and maintain the waste water collection system as a whole:

  • Determine source and location of the wastewater problem
  • Upon arrival, determine if the problem is on:
    • Township property
    • Private property
  • Look for a clean-out at the property line, and:
    • Check clean-out
    • Determine if the main line is backed up
  • Rod the line, as appropriate
  • If you reach the vicinity of the property line without encountering resistance and determine the problem is at the tap or on township property, call the township.

Property Owner Compensation

The township may compensate a property owner or customer for a portion of the plumber's service charge only if the township crew is dispatched after a call from a certified and licensed plumber. Furthermore, it must be confirmed that the problem is due to a blockage in the township wastewater collection system.

If a problem is in close proximity to the property line, and the plumber cannot determine the exact location, the plumber should contact the township and explain the circumstances of the call. The township's response may vary depending on information and resources available.

If a plumber calls the township to report a problem and it is determined by the township that the problem is on private property and that the Waste Water Collection Service policies and procedures were not followed, the township may contact the plumber.

All plumbers operating within the township and its service areas should be familiar with the Waste Water Collection Service.