Trash & Recycling


All residents of the township and all commercial, industrial, or institutional establishments located in the township shall contract with a municipal waste collector to have all the municipal waste generated at the premises occupied by such person or entity by any of the occupants of said premises removed and deposited in a permitted landfill at a minimum of once per week.

Recyclable Materials

All residents of West Norriton Township shall separate recyclable materials from the municipal waste generated at their property. When placed at the curb for collection in accordance with the provision of this part, recyclable materials shall be placed in separate, reusable metal, or plastic containers which clearly identify the contents as recyclables. Such containers shall initially be provided by the township.

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Recycle Containers

Recycle containers are available for purchase at the township building, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., for $15 each. Each household in West Norriton Township is required to have a recycle container either issued by their private trash hauler, or purchased through the township.

Placement of Containers

No municipal waste or recyclable material container shall be placed at the curb or in the front yard of any lot except during the period beginning at 6 p.m. on the night prior to the scheduled collection and ending at midnight on the day of the scheduled collection.

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Residential Recycling Requirements

West Norriton’s Waste and Recycling Ordinance and Pennsylvania State Law (Act 101 of 1988) require that all residents must have waste and recycling service from a private hauling company. Review what and how to recycle in West Norriton (PDF)

Guide for Mandatory Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Recycling

Act 101 of 1988 and West Norriton Township Ordinance requires commercial, industrial and institutional establishments located in Pennsylvania municipalities with greater than 5,000 populations to recycle certain items. Review the guide (PDF)